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Here you will be able to find all my books, upcoming releases, about me, my socials, author events I am attending in 2024 & 2025.

I appreciate every single one of my readers and fellow authors. Thank you all for your continued support! 

xo - Lauren

Red Rose

Coming September 10th 2024!

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American Football Stadium

Coming December 3rd 2024!

Purple Flower

Meant to be review

i wanna congratulate my fellow aussie girlie for becoming a traditionally published author!!! I will always love when a book is set in Aus because there is just never enough!

Harley and Josie have a very complex relationship is how i'm gonna put it. With a lot of history from 4 years ago when they were 17 so i very much enjoyed the flashback chapters.

Now is their relationship problematic? Yes, their past especially. Did i eat this up like it had crack in it? Also yes!

Their relationship was definitely not perfect. Nothing is in the real world so it was definitely refreshing to read about characters with various flaws.

So i very much enjoyed this one and cannot wait to see what else Lauren has up her sleeve 💜

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xo - Lauren

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