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Lauren Jackson's Books

Here you can find more about both published books, uncoming releases & where to purchase them!

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Book 1 in

The Red Thorne series


Book 2 in

The Red Thorne series

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Book 1 in a  series

Meant to Be


A steamy new adult second chance romance, perfect for fans of Ana Huang, Lucy Score, Tessa Bailey and Monica Murphy!

- Blurb -

Josie Mayor fled Fern Grove after a scandal that rocked the town, turning her back on her friends and family. She disappeared with no contact, no forwarding address, and abandoned the only life she knew.

Now, she’s back and has to face the life she left behind. When Josie runs into her ex-boyfriend, Nick, and Harley, the boy who stole her heart, she is faced with the pain and heartache of a past she’s desperate to forget. Josie must make a choice in doing what’s best for her, or risk repeating history once more.

Meant to Be is a new adult enemies-to-lovers, small-town romance told over two timelines of the past and the present. Perfect for those looking for a steamy romance with a Happily Ever After

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Die for You


Twilight meets the vampire diaries in this steamy new adult romantasy that will leave you thirsting for more.


- Blurb -

A human girl searching for her sister, a grumpy vampire bodyguard in charge of keeping her alive, and a malicious creature hunting them down. What could go wrong?


The death certificate says my sister died two years ago in the accident but her body was never found. I was the sole survivor. Then I saw her. Someone lied. Now, I must travel across the country to find answers from a blood-thirsty vampire with one thing on his mind. I will find out the truth. Even if it kills me.


I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't mean for any of it to happen. Now Raya is here. She is mine, and I must protect her at all costs. If she dies, I die. It doesn't add up, and it's all a mess. It's my job to fix it and find my brother. She knows I'm hiding something, but I'm terrified to tell her the truth.


It's been years since I had a lead. Now, I have one. I will watch. I will wait. I will strike. He will be mine.

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Live for me

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A dark, spicy vampire romantasy for lovers of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, from the bestselling author of Die for You


- Blurb -

A vampire uncovering dark secrets to save the town, her tormentor trying to break a witch’s curse, and a prisoner who won’t provide any answers. How will they survive?


I’m being hunted while trying to save a town that wants me dead. No one is safe from him. I know what I need to do to secure their safety, but I don’t know if I can end him. My tormentor, my nemesis, the one who consumes me. He hurt me in so many ways, so why do I find myself wanting to save him?


It’s always been my duty to stop vampire hunters. But since being cursed to die by a coven of witches, I can’t focus on my mission. To make matters worse, someone is hunting Cora. No one touches what is mine. I need to keep her safe without letting her know all my secrets.


They want information from me. I can’t remember what they’re after. Or maybe I never knew in the first place. I need to escape, but it’s impossible when my mind is what’s trapped.

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New sports romance

Coming 2024

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